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Miata TurboKit

Miata turbo low kit

This is stage I of II. A non-intercooled kit with a precision t3 turbo starting at 4 psi. Aluminum charge pipe. It will bolt up to your factory exhaust but an aftermarket exhaust system is recommended. Dyno results show as much as 40 hwp gain. 220 with piggback systems. More HP is possible if you ad the front mount and even more with a Stand alone ECU.

Available for miata
Available for miata
Turbo kit price $1499 intercooler upgrade $599

Miata turbo High kit

This kit was designed to have the best of many things. Power, performance and drive-ability. A V-band turbo manifold made from the best durable stainless steel. Matching turbo with V-band inlet and outlet for ease of install, removal or upgrading. Stainless steel down pipe, Aluminum intercooler piping, T-bolt clamps and easy on and off fittings. Power range from the basic 200 to 500 depending on your boost level, tune, engine and other upgrades. Fit with A/C and P/S. 3 inch down pipe.

Fit 1.8 BP engines

your price $3900.00
Add an ECU with this purchase and save $100

Miata turbo kit

NC turbo kit Coming soon

Add an ECU with this purchase and save $100

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